• Following people from school in tumblr is so difficult
  • I can't walk past some of you without thinking "that was a super brutal blow job gif you reblogged last night"
  • quantumfluxkkkk:

    Am I the only one who really wants to have cute sex on the floor with a load of blankets and pillows and a few candles?…

    "Text her after she falls asleep and describe in large detail everything that you adore about her. She’ll wake up with a smile on her face."
    (via icanrelateto)

    Mm yes take note ^^^^^^

  • "pfft there's people who stretch to 20mm in two months I'll be fine! What's the worst that could happening?"
  • -Me on Monday whilst encouraging 10mm taper a little too much.
  • Apparently the worst that could happen is mad swelling and then filling your sink with blood and guts and gross stuff that your lobe is now leaking and having to down size.
  • Mother and I went to book my tattoo. Artist didn't feel comfortable doing anything big on me because I'm quite young, so I just got some script instead.
  • Important people are acting weird past few days.
  • Concerns for the future of said people and I are upsetting me quite a lot.
  • Shit happens I guess
  • Listen Man I'd love to hang out but I'm really busy trying to lay in bed and cry for the rest of my life
  • mitten:

    don’t hit ur girlfriend unless ur smacking that ass

  • My clip in extensions don't blend at all but I'm sad and long hair makes me feel pretty
  • adaddydomwaits:


    Nothing says “I like you a lot” like a hand around your throat during sex.



Good Kitty.
  • This is my least favourite feeling.
  • f0ndly:

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