• No one ever wants me around. Theres always a reason to leave me. I'm going to stop trying.
  • I stayed off tumblr for a couple momrhs cause boys are atupid amd I was worried I was going to see onw on my dash. He has a stupid haircut now anyway.
  • I started dating brad again but he went away for the weekend and asked me not to go. Hopefully for his sake I wont be around to bother him when he gets back.
  • Perhaps ill sound a little bit sick and twisted but in my opinion male genital piercings actually make dicks look pretty attractive.

    A girl on my facebook is asking who performs underage nipple piercings. Probably people who lost their nipples due to complications.

    Yo yo yo yo yo

sweet like honey

    People are genuinely shit. Theyll say they want to keep co tact but they wont make an effort. Facebook likes and awkward glances.

    Anonymous asked:
    Well just know I care about you :)

    Care about me off anon u loser

    Anonymous asked:
    What's wrong?

    Well man. I’ve got 2 friends right now. People closest to me asked me not to drink because they’re worried about my state.

    Anon thank you you actually made me realise it’s not all bad

    This is my 4th consecutive week at school. The longest I’ve gone to school in over 2 years. I got a new phone. I’ve got loving parents. I’m visiting the college of my dreams this coming weekend. I’ve got someone who asked me not to drink because they’re worried about me.
    Life’s not all bad anon.

  • I've honestly never seen a celebrities death hit so many people. I wish we could pass away, see who's upset and then really decide because I know so many people who didn't deserve to feel the way they did.
  • Anonymous asked:
    How's things

    Kinda shit thanks anon


"If those hands don’t stay above your head the entire time I pound you, that pretty little cunt of your is going to get a cropping. Understand, slut?"

this is your conductor speaking we are on course to collide with a beautiful sweet anime titty