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Anonymous: Courtney is so rad


Anonymous: are u going out with brad again??

Nah son

Anonymous: What's the youngest/oldest age for a partner your willing to date

My age or two years older

Anonymous: Nd your super pretty, I love your hair colorr


Anonymous: You're so lucky, you look older than your age a least 17 and people think I'm freaking 12 at the age 15 like what the fuck I'm in 10th grade classes you douche😒😭

Aww anon you cutie. I’m only 16! Come off anon!! I wanna hug ya


zyzz.junior.56 added me on skype not sure if i should accept

You’ll make time for me as long as there’s not something better to do..

You said you’d make time for me today. Now I’m sitting in the dark wishing you’d meant it.